Opyn Universe: the LaaS Technology Platform

Opyn Universe is Opyn's proprietary platform, at the heart of our digital financial services. Opyn Universe lets us provide banking as a service: our software allows our customers to leverage innovative financial services that do not require a banking license. Our platform is based on a high-performance database capable of automating a large number of processes, depending on which financial service has been configured. This means that human operators can focus on the tasks they are truly needed for. In fact, time is a determining factor, and asynchronous services mean that timely responses are guaranteed. Using web services and APIs, it has become possible to integrate a great many external sources in a fast and agile way.

Credit analysis is a process managed symbiotically between operators and the system. Working together like this covers both the standard checks required by credit policy and specific checks required by internal analysts. So, this system's flexibility makes it adaptable to a large number of financial products. For more information, fill out the Request information form and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

Current account analysis is a standout feature of our credit assessment process and is regulated by PSD2. This was developed internally to help our analysts fully understand the state of the company and go further than traditional financial statements allow. The system is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which give it the ability to label and create clusters of all account movements (such as receipts from customers, vendor payments, etc.) automatically. This allows us to manage multiple bank accounts and provide a specific machine learning solution for major Italian banks. We use labels and clusters to classify movements for multiple purposes, including:
- Cash-flow assessment with the Financial Statement, calculated using the direct method.
- Extracting evidence and anomalies from account movements that may predict SME default probabilities. Our system instantly informs us about salaries, taxes, receivable and payable accounts, customer portfolio concentration, etc.

When an instalment is not paid by the due date, the case is assigned to the dedicated collections workflow. At this stage we undertake a series of actions, including reminders, emails, and phone calls. All this happens automatically, so we can handle a large number of files simultaneously. 

Our platform facilitates reporting to your accountant and to tax authorities using structured data flows that are easy to integrate with third-party vendors. Most data flows are supported by the SQL stored procedure: this way, flows can be modified without needing to wait for the entire app to go live. Each flow is achieved by combining web work (C #) and T-SQL language to optimize extraction performance, for example, by using temporary sets of results such as CTEs or temporary tables.