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About us

We can decline our three souls into the words: Fin + tech + human

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we offer fast and digital services that enable companies and financial institutions to grow and innovate with us. 
We simplify banks and financial institutions' daily operations and support B2B companies to increase their sales.


We are a Human FinTech

People are our capital. We make internal collaboration our strength, functioning as a team of rowers, where each individual, with their own peculiarities, can make their own contribution.

Our history, our services.

We were born in 2012, becoming in a few years the N.1 Lending as a Service platform in Europe. With over 10 years of experience in digital financing, we are currently providing two distinct services tailored to businesses and financial institutions: Opyn Universe and Opyn Pay Later.

Opyn Pay Later è is the “Buy Now Pay Later” solution for Business-to-Business companies that wish to offer installment payments to their customers, with maximum flexibility and security. 

Available for both online and in-store purchases, as well as remotely, it allows merchants to maximize and simplify sales, improve cash flow, reduce administrative costs and mitigate the risks of outstanding payments. At the same time, it offers buyers an innovative and 100% digital payment service.


Opyn Universe is the Lending as a Service solution for banks, asset managers and companies that want to innovate their processes and offer digital financial services through Opyn's financial technology. 
Opyn Universe enables the generation of investment opportunities, innovation and brand reputation through a platform that fosters growth and digitization.


The Corporate Group

Business Innovation Lab Spa.

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Opyn is a trademark owned by the holding company Business Innovation Lab Spa, which fully controls two other companies, Mo.Net Spa and ART SGR Spa.

Mo.Net is the group company authorized to provide payment services related to money lending. 

ART SGR is authorized to manage alternative investment funds intended for professional investors. These funds lend money through the Opyn platform.

The Board of Directors

Angelo Daniele Blancato, Partner and Chairman of the Board

Angelo Daniele

Partner and Chairman of the Board

Antonio Turroni, Board Member


Board Member

Antonio Lafiosca, Co-Founder and COO | CEO of Mo.Net Spa


Co-Founder and COO | CEO of Mo.Net Spa

Dario Frigerio, Board Member


Board Member

Federico Pozzi Chiesa, Partner and Board Member

Pozzi Chiesa

Partner and Board Member

Giuseppe Donvito, Board Member and Representative for P101


Board Member and Representative for P101

Ivan Pellegrini, Co-Founder and Group CEO


Co-Founder and Group CEO

Mauro Massironi, Board Member and Representative for Azimut


Board Member and Representative for Azimut