26 May, 2023

6 minutes of reading

Written by: Alice Casagrande

Innovation in Tech: It Also Comes Through Payments


The tech industry is, by definition, innovative as it rests on the very concept of novelty and continuous improvement. For this reason, tech entities are the first to adopt and integrate the latest innovations into their products and services. However, it's not just about products. Today, to remain competitive, companies in this sector must also focus on improving and updating their processes and operations, such as 360-degree sales and payment management. Let's discover how through the experience of some of our customers.

How Important is Innovation for the Tech Sector?

Despite the uncertainty of the current global economic situation, the innovation industry is not slowing down and, indeed, it's poised to grow. More and more companies are realizing the advantages of investing in technological and digital transformation, touching various areas of their business. This is because innovation, no matter where applied, brings numerous benefits, especially to companies that believe in this investment.

Innovation refers to the creation and implementation of new technologies, methodologies, and processes aimed at improving or streamlining goods and services. These can range from new machinery for company energy efficiency to solutions for improving cost analysis, and even technologies that offer innovative payment systems to clients.

By innovating processes, machinery, and tools, companies see a rise in productivity and consequently, profitability. The greater profits, if reinvested in research and development, can trigger a long-term virtuous cycle of growth and innovation.

Innovation and technology are two concepts that go hand in hand, especially in the tech sector, which is inherently innovative and thrives on the idea of novelty and continuous improvement. The tech sector encompasses all entities involved in developing, implementing or selling technology, be it hardware or software: from machinery, IT tools, computers, smartphones or applications, digital platforms and cloud systems. It is thus the first sector to show interest and inclination to incorporate new technologies and innovative systems.

Today, tech entities, in order to remain competitive, cannot just innovate their products. They must also update their processes and operations, such as 360-degree sales and payment management.


Opyn Pay Later: Technological Innovation in Payments

Even though the economic situation remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the future will be increasingly digital and tech-driven.

According to Gartner, the total value of global IT spending will reach $4.5 trillion in 2023, a 2.4% increase from the previous year. This is particularly relevant for B2B companies. In fact, while consumer spending might decrease, business technological spending remains robust.

A company's ability to innovate is a key factor in its long-term growth, all the more so in the tech sector, where innovations come one after the other. And in this growth plan, an innovative investment to consider revolves around payments.

That's why every tech company that sells to other businesses should implement an all-in-one, high-tech payment management platform like Opyn Pay Later.

Opyn Pay Later offers an end-to-end service, from credit analysis to debt recovery. It can be used to offer flexible and secure installment payments to customers. This allows merchants to maximize and simplify sales, improve cash flow, reduce administrative costs and credit risks. At the same time, it offers buyers a 100% digital and innovative payment service.

Beyond installment services, Opyn Pay Later provides order management and collections and can be paired with 100% personalized commercial, marketing, and administrative consultancy based on your needs.

This is confirmed by our client Gianmaria Romano, CEO at I-Tech, a company specializing in high-quality refurbished tech products. He states:

"Opyn Pay Later provides all the services related to B2B sales, supporting the company 360 degrees. This saves me time, so I can focus on important tasks for my business. That's why Opyn is the ideal partner for companies that want to grow."

But the benefits of Opyn Pay Later for B2B tech companies are many. Here are some:

  • 100% Digital Experience: with Opyn Pay Later, you can quickly generate a payment link and get paid in a few clicks. Clients just have to enter their debit or credit card details and subsequent charges are automatic.
  • Enhanced Security: Opyn Pay Later is a safe service where you can receive and monitor client payments without issues from a unified platform.
  • Fewer Defaults: with our platform, you receive timely payments, improving cash flow and reducing the risk of defaults, thanks to Opyn's credit experience. Our ability to assess clients is a vital advantage, as Gianmaria Romano says: 

"With Opyn Pay Later, I'm more at ease when offering flexible payments, especially to new clients. Opyn Pay Later quickly checks the creditworthiness of buyers, and if positive, I can send the payment link in an instant. This way, I feel more secure and clients can pay conveniently."

  • Zero Fixed Costs: there are no subscription or activation fees. You only pay commissions if your clients make transactions. This is one of the main benefits for Simone Contu, owner of CST, a company active in the operational rental of office tech and IT products. He says: 

"Opyn Pay Later allows even unstructured companies to have an innovative collection and invoice management service at zero cost."

  • Increased Flexibility: you can choose the installment method for each sale and offer it to your clients in a personalized way.

Start increasing your B2B sales and grow your business by offering better payment terms and flexible installments to your tech clients, both online and offline. Discover Opyn Pay Later!